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We, at Laurence Taylor Insurance Services have access to many different Cancer Insurance products so you can get the right one for you. These policies help protect you financially from medical expenses and other costs associated with Cancer and the treatment for it.

We offer Cancer Indemnity Plans, Lump Sum, Treatment Plans and Hybrid plans. Often major medical health insurance doesn’t cover all the expenses when one goes through cancer. Suffering from cancer and not being able to arrange financially for all that comes along with cancer treatment due to overburdening expenses can reduce your options and might be the difference for some which sadly may cost them their lives. Cancer coverage gives you the peace of mind in not worrying about where money is coming from and it aims to make dealing with cancer a little easier for all.

At Laurence Taylor Insurance Services, we understand how prevalent and destructive cancer is for the patient and everybody related to them. Hence, we are here to assist and prepare you in case the worst things in life happen to you. Apart from Cancer Insurance, Laurence Taylor Insurance Services offers specialty Commercial Property and Casualty lines of coverage like Active Shooter Insurance, Kidnap and Ransom, Large Workers Compensation Programs, and Fire and Flood insurance.

“The worst things in life do happen, and that’s why you need insurance.”

Frequently Asked Questions

“Cancer”. We might have heard the word numerous times in our lives. But how many of us actually know what cancer actually is? What is the root of this ailment? As we all know cells are the very pillars of our bodies, our systems. They form the structure, the tissues, bones, muscles and what not! Every single part of our body is nothing but amalgamation of millions of cells. But if this cell can give and support our lives a single change in them is devastating enough to claim our life as well. Cancer is an ailment when the cells of our bodies start growing uncontrollably due to genetic mutations and spread to other parts as well. Sometimes, the complete and natural process of cells forming, dying and new cells being born in their place is hampered. In such cases, the damages cell that is supposed to be dead keeps on growing leading to a tumor. Some tumors then turn out to be deadly cancerous tumor which then leads to the ailment of cancer.With growing age the human system lacks the ability to eliminate the cells that carry damaged DNA. Hence, the risk of cancer is always higher when one tends to get older.

The question that can have multiple answers. But if one needs to focus on one root cause, it is genetic mutation. Whenever cells start behaving abnormally and growing beyond any control or signal due to genetic mutation, it causes the cancerous tumors.However, the reason behind this genetic mutation tends to change from cases to cases. Sometimes unhealthy lifestyle, excessive smoking and drinking, consuming too much processed food, too much exposure to sunlight, less or no physical activities and not to be forget, genes (inherited faulty genes) are behind the gene mutation that leads to cancer. However, most of these reasons are preventable to some extent, the inheritance of faulty genes is beyond any control of human. In such case, one has to keep getting checked of the possibility of mutation of such genes.

Cancer can be prevented if one sticks to a healthy lifestyle. Engaging in physical activities and keeping yourself fit is the best prevention one can adopt. Avoid smoking. Adopt healthy eating habits that includes balanced nutrition etc. Include fruits and vegetables in your diet. Maintain healthy selection of vegetables and plant source nutrition and follow it. Try avoiding processed foods and meats. Exercise and indulge in physical activities religiously. Try not to cross the threshold and maintain a healthy weight. Obesity is one of the causes of cancer, so maintaining the weight is really helpful in cancer prevention.
Additionally, try to avoid being in direct sunlight as it is also one of the root causes of various types of cancers. Stronger sun-rays and UV rays are extremely harmful and one of the main causes of skin cancer. Last but not the least, get frequent complete body check-ups. Self-exams also prove to be beneficial as the tumor can be detected in some cases as breast cancer etc. which might aid in earlier detection of cancer or overall prevention of it.

Excessive body fat leads to a number of health issues and one of the major risk associated with it is cancer. Obesity has been proven to be the reason behind various types of cancers. The biggest risk obesity possesses is that of kidney, pancreatic and breast cancer. When too much body fat increases inflammation and triggers the body to produce more insulin and estrogen, it leads to division of cells more than usual and which can lead to gene mutation and cancerous tumor formation.

Not much is talked about it but obesity happens to be one of the leading causes of cancer. But the good news is it is preventable. Healthy dietary habits can help keeping obesity in check which in the long run helps in preventing cancer. Maintain your weight by engaging in physical activities and practicing healthy habits. Exercise at least 4 times a week by maintaining the degree of intensity of the work out. You can also add at least 30 minutes of exercise or yoga in your daily activity and see the amazing effects on your body in the long run. Keeping your obesity in check also helps in maintaining your organs in absolute perfect condition. And a healthy body is always home to a better immunity system which in turn is better able to fight with diseases.

Who doesn’t love basking in the sun? Especially during winters. But what we always tend to forget is the extremely harmful rays that penetrate the atmosphere and how they affect us. Skin cancer mostly caused due to sun and its harmful rays is one of the most common types of cancer. But the good news is, it is preventable. Just following some normal tips would help in its prevention. Avoid being in the sun when the sun is at its peak, that is, from 10 am to 4 pm. This is the time when the sun rays are the strongest and the most harmful. Do not forget your sunscreen. Use a good sunscreen that is has an SPF of minimum 30 or more. And yes, you need to apply that sunscreen even in winters, rainy or cloudy days when the sun is not that strong because the ultraviolet radiations are always there. The goal is to avoid your skin from the harsh sunrays.

Cancer can unfortunately be inherited from faulty genes in some types of cancer. These inherited faulty genes can increase a person’s risk of developing cancer to a larger extent. You might be surprised to know that inherited genetic mutations play a crucial role in almost 5 to 10 percent of all cancers worldwide. So, yes, in short, cancer is without a doubt a genetic disease. In such cases, a genetic test for hereditary cancer syndrome can be really helpful. If one has a family history of cancer patients or symptoms of inherited cancer risk syndrome, one must get a genetic test for hereditary cancer syndrome done to be clearly specific whether they have inherited the particular gene or not. However, the “run in the family” situation does not necessarily state that every family member could be prone to cancer or cancerous gene mutations.

Let’s face it. Cancer is traumatic. It is as traumatic an experience for the patient’s friends, family and closed ones as it is for the patient.
No matter how much we deny, bad things do happen and it is always a wise idea to stay prepared for that. Getting a cancer insurance, especially you have a family history of it, is an upright decision to make. As all are well aware of the financial burden cancer brings with it, with all the treatment, medical expenses and more, it completely breaks your back. If one is not prepared enough in such case, not only it possesses a huge burden on the financial stature of the person but might also lead to hurdles in the medical treatment of the patient. So, getting insured is always a good idea for any kind of calamity or disease, especially taking care of the fact that it covers all the major expenses and losses. Laurence Taylor Cancer Insurance is one of the top insurance providers in LA and it covers all major expenses in your toughest times.

We all know cancer breaks your back physically, mentally and not to miss, financially. The expense that comes with it is often not bearable for the patient as well as their closed ones and hence, it is always a good idea to get a cancer insurance as it keeps you prepared for any such unforeseen unfortunate happenings. Staying prepared is never wrong. We, at Laurence Taylor Insurance Services understand how disastrous cancer can be. And hence, we offer our service keeping in the mind the sensitivity of the situation and handle it responsively.

Cancer claims the lives of thousands every year in Los Angeles. While thecancer death rate was on a low for many years, the last 5 years witnessed it continuously increasing. It is one of the biggest killers only after heart attacks. Affecting mostly the elderly, cancer is increasingly claiming lives in Los Angeles County. While African-Americans are hugely prone to it, Asians are seen to be the least affected by it. Poverty and lack of access to medical treatments ultimately lead to thousands succumbing their lives to this deadly disease.

Getting any kind of insurance is not very affordable nowadays. But we, at Laurence Taylor Insurance Service understand that and bring to your affordable insurance premiums. Laurence Taylor Insurance Services offer cancer insurance service in Los Angeles County at a very affordable premium for all and is one of the best insurance services in California and USA.