December 23, 2021 12:25 pm

On October 23, 2015, the Santa Susana Mountains, Los Angeles witnessed an enormous natural gas leak that turned out to be the largest natural gas leak in all of US history and its impact on the nature as well as the humans closer to it has been devastating and utterly destructive. The carbon footprint it left was drastic.

The gas escaping from a well in the underground storage facility in Aliso Canyon. The Southern California Gas Company was held responsible for it and faced numerous law suits. The company this year (2021) agreed to payout an amount of $1.8 Billion Dollar to approximately 35,000 households. The leak and the chemical pollution by it has affected the health of the residents for years and made them prone to some serious diseases and health conditions owning to the exposure of disastrous chemicals and toxic gas.

But the most common disease that has engulfed them is cancer. Being continuously exposed to it has made them prone to cancer be it now or eventually in time. Laurence Taylor Cancer Insurance offers cancer insurance for the sufferers of this calamity. The policy offers them an insurance from all major expenses related to treatment and more.

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